All too often, we hear about the importance of getting in sync with nature. Whether to achieve and maintain spiritual balance, push the boundaries of one’s physical abilities, or retain mental acuity and wellness in one’s later years, reconnecting with the great outdoors is one of the commonly recommended solutions.

Simply put, living such a lifestyle means making time in your schedule to go out of the city, or at least visit the closest park or nature reserve. Unfortunately, due to numerous factors (such as work requirements and time management), living this kind of lifestyle becomes challenging — a feat that, more often than not, is easier said than done.

Fortunately, you have the option to live closer to nature, even in a setting that pretty much looks, feels, and functions like a city. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this.

A longer lifespan. Studies have shown (and common sense suggests) that living a healthy and active lifestyle helps keep your body in good shape, thereby increasing your longevity. You will undoubtedly be able to accomplish more with a longer life; this is especially important if you feel that you have an important mission to fulfill and are running on a deadline. One way to better facilitate this is to place yourself in close proximity to a setting in which you can freely embrace and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Decreased chances of serious, debilitating, or lethal illnesses. With a less polluted living environment comes a reduced chance of contracting illnesses or catching a virus. This is especially the case when your environment is conducive to exercise and/or sports.

More time to spend and bond with loved ones. For many families, living closer to nature also enables them to have more bonding moments with their loved ones. Some spend time on a weekend picnic or a leisurely stroll through nature. Some even bond through shared activities such as nature photography or outdoor sports.

The ability to enjoy more things in life (ex. good food) that wouldn’t be advisable if one leads a sedentary lifestyle. A happy side benefit of living an active lifestyle is the fact that you get more leeway in terms of what you can and can’t eat. Thus, having a doughnut or a slice of cake — which would make you feel guilty and possibly even ill if you were obese — becomes a reward, a source of fulfilment for you for managing to stick to your health regimen. Why not make living an active lifestyle easier by living in a place that makes it easier to do so?

A more fulfilling life overall. Ultimately, a life in a green setting leaves (pun unintended) you feeling more satisfied and at peace. One look around you — a quick glance at the beauty that surrounds you and your community — and you won’t feel deprived of the good things in life. Imagine how it would feel like to wake up, look outside your window, and see a beautiful nature-centric neighborhood, alive and thriving. Doesn’t that thought put a smile on your face?

Living In A Community That Brings You Closer To Nature

As mentioned earlier, choosing to live in an area that will bring you closer to nature will give you more avenues and opportunities to incorporate healthy activities into your lifestyle. Jogging along a path with trees on each side, for example, will help you appreciate the beauty of nature while engaging in an activity that benefits your health. It will also guarantee that there’s less waste and pollution in your area, and that there is more sunlight and fresh air.

The first step towards a truly healthy lifestyle is making a conscious decision to be healthy — and it starts with your immediate environment.

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