5 Reasons to Join a Private Country Club


Being a member of a private country club entitles you to an entire host of benefits — from exclusive facilities to social events — that you certainly wouldn’t get at a public sports venue or fitness center. However, country club memberships offer more than just a quiet place to play tennis.


Still on the fence about joining a private country club? If that’s the case, then it’s time to look beyond the material benefits of being a member. Private country clubs offer a unique taste of the comfortable lifestyle. From widening your social network to strengthening your relationship with your loved ones, being a member of a private country club means enjoying the benefits of prestige and exclusivity. The club lifestyle gives you access to amenities and experiences you wouldn’t get from just signing up for a gym or enjoying the facilities of your subdivision.


Read these five reasons why you should consider joining a private exclusive country club soon, if not today.


  1. You can create memories with your family.

As Filipinos, we value two things in our lives: our families, and creating beautiful memories with them. Fortunately, being a member of an exclusive country club will let you prioritize both.

If you’re looking for more enriching and worthwhile activities for your family to engage in besides going to the mall or watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, a country club membership can offer you those and so much more. At the Alviera Country Club, for instance, you can plan an entire day of fun sports and fitness activities with your family, or you can relax and rest at the jacuzzi or spa. There’s even a kids zone that guarantees hours of entertainment for your little ones. After you’re done, you and your family can enjoy a high-quality dining experience at the restaurants. Simply put, the country club has something to excite each and every one of your senses.


  1. You can practice and improve your game, as frequently as you like.

If you’re the kind of player who likes winning, you’ll love being a member of a private club. As mentioned earlier, it gives you access to exclusive facilities, which you have the freedom to use whenever you feel like practicing your swimming techniques or improving that golf swing. With the privacy and support you need from country clubs such as Alviera’s, you can work on your game in peace and wow your friends or opponents the next time you go out to play. Most importantly, you can practice frequently; there’s no pressure for you to be perfect the first few times. You can take all the time you need in developing your game.


  1. You’ll meet and forge new ties with others in your field.

It’s not surprising that many professionals apply for country club membership to broaden their social networks. It makes sense, as being part of a private country club means being included in a group of people with similar fields of interest and professional backgrounds, all living within a reasonable vicinity. Whether you want to become more well-known in your community or establish more rewarding relationships in your industry, you’ll be able to accomplish your networking goal with a private country club membership.


  1. You’ll always have a place for special celebrations.

Worried about where to hold your upcoming birthday party, graduation celebration, prom night, or wedding reception? Being a member of a private country club ensures that you’ll always have a place to celebrate these special events and create lasting memories. The Alviera Country Club offers top-quality facilities and spacious venues, where you and your loved ones can have truly meaningful celebrations.

By joining a private country club, you’ll also be able to control how much you spend on your lifestyle activities. When you join the Alviera Country Club, for example, you won’t need to be a member of a gym or a particular sports club, since you’ll have everything you need as a country club member. Plus, being a member comes with certain perks that can help you save more money in the long run.


  1. You’ll be part of a bigger community that cares.

When you join a country club, you can raise concerns about the facilities and be sure that someone will listen to you and do something about it. You are valued as both a club member and an individual with specific needs.

The Alviera Country Club is the first of its kind in Central Luzon. Located in the lovely Alviera estate in Porac, Pampanga, the Country Club offers an escape from the busy city life, with scenic views, a lush, natural environment, and exciting activities for you and your family to enjoy. Create precious memories with your loved ones at the Alviera Country Club. Contact us today to get started.