Hotels in San Fernando Pampanga

There are hundreds to thousands of places to visit in San Fernando, visiting each of them is not possible in a day. If you wish to extend your stay, you might as well find hotels in San Fernando, Pampanga.

You, and perhaps your loved ones, can stay in any of these hotels.


Bliss Hotel

Bliss Hotel is situated within Villa Victoria Subdivision. A standard class hotel, Bliss Hotel has a total of 57 rooms. The rooms range from ₱2,300 (Deluxe Queen) to ₱5,250 (Executive Suite).


Bowliseum Hotel & Motel

Bowliseum Hotel & Motel, which is located inside Juliana Subdivision, has a total of 40 rooms. Its rates depend on the pre-defined hours of stay. A room costs ₱625 for 12 hours and ₱725 for 24 hours. It has a TV, hot and cold water and piped-in music in each room.


Days Hotel

Days Hotel is located inside Paskuhan Village specifically at the Philippine Christmas Village Convention Center. The rooms are overlooking the gardens and adjacent to the gift shops. Each room has a cable TV, electronic safe, electronic door locks, microwave and Jacuzzi. Some facilities are a restaurant and function rooms. It offers free continental breakfast, free parking and airport shuttle for only $40.


Hotel Gracelene

Located in McArthur Highway, Hotel Gracelene is an economy class hotel. It has 64 rooms; standard rooms cost ₱1,200 per night and superior rooms cost ₱4,400. Some of the amenities are Internet access on private and public areas, TV, private bathroom, hot and cold water, safety deposit box and laundry and car rental services. Hotel Gracelene is a DOT-accredited hotel, only one in very few hotels in San Fernando, Pampanga that earned such prestige.


Hotel Victoria de San Fernando Motorist Lodge

Operating in 24/7 along McArthur Highway, Hotel Victoria de San Fernando has 50 rooms (Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Suite and Thematic). Its Deluxe accommodations are named Lemon, Serendipity, Spring and Tangerine. The hotel also has a bridal room. Each room has an air-conditioning system, mini refrigerator, TV with cable, hot and cold shower, hair dryer and Wi-Fi. It serves appetizer, breakfast, main dish, salad soup. Hotel Victoria de San Fernando is a DOT-accredited hotel.


Lewana Lodge

Lewana Lodge is found in Barangay San Agustin. Its total room count is 39 rooms. It only has two room categories: suite and deluxe. Guests can stay at the suite for 3 hours (₱380), overnight (₱680) and 24 hours (₱780). Guests can stay at any deluxe room overnight (₱625) and 24 hours (₱725).


Miyabe Court

Miyabe Court is located along Lazatin Boulevard. Miyabe Court has a total of 88 rooms available for 12 and 24 hours. The rooms are categorized as standard (₱583/₱803), deluxe (₱825/₱1,111) and suite (₱891/₱1,287). Each room has a cable TV, piped-in music and Jacuzzi. It also has a 30-capacity conference room.


Motel Tropicana

Motel Tropicana is a hotel and resort situated at Villa Barosa, Dolores. It is specifically located in B. Mendoza Road.



Orotel is Otel Pampanga’s sister hotel. Orotel, which is also a budget hotel, has comfortable rooms and function halls. It serves fresh hot meals and even accepts catering for weddings, birthdays, baptismals, anniversaries, parties and other events. One of the amenities it offers guests is 24/7 Wi-Fi access.


Otel Pampanga

Otel Pampanga is an Healthy Hotel awardee (small category), an award given by the local government on healthy places in San Fernando. A budget hotel, Otel Pampanga, as one of the most trusted hotels in San Fernando, Pampanga, provides accommodations for 1, 1 to 2, 2, 2 to 3, 3 and 3 to 4 persons. It serves breakfast, main course, snacks beverages. It has a garden, team building facilities such as a function room and swimming pool.


Pampanga Lodge and Restaurant

Pampanga Lodge and Restaurant is located at Gen. Hizon Avenue in Sto. Rosario.


Paskuhan Hotel

Paskuhan Hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels in San Fernando, Pampanga, is located within the Hilaga Village Complex. A standard class hotel, it has a total of 33 rooms with rates starting from ₱1,700 for standard rooms and ₱2,700 for suites. Rooms are provided with a TV set and piped-in music. Paskuhan Hotel has a coffee shop, garden and function room.


Valle Verde Lodge

Valle Verde Lodge is located at GSO Road in Barangay San Juan.


Villa Filipina Motel & Hotel

Villa Filipina Motel & Hotel is found inside Magdalena Subdivision across the city terminal. The motel and hotel is essentially a drive-in lodge that operates 24/7.


Villa Filipina Resort

Villa Filipina Resort is a hotel and resort located within Barangay San Juan. It offers unlimited Wi-Fi access to the guests.


These are just some of the most popular and budget-friendly hotels in San Fernando, Pampanga. There are rooms for rent, apartments and lodging inns operated by the locals and are made available for the guests.

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